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K-Guard Clog Free Gutters & DunRite Exteriors featuring K-Guard

K-Guard Clog Free Gutters & DunRite Exteriors featuring K-Guard
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Company Description:

Never worry about cleaning your gutters again with K-Guard Leaf-Free Gutters! Enjoy every season without the worry of debris causing clogged gutters and damaging your home’s foundation, roof, and even siding.

Do you worry about leaves and debris clogging your gutter system or about risking your safety to clean them out? The K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System is an effective solution to every homeowner’s clogged gutter problem. The durable K-Guard system consists of the hood, gutter, and downspouts. Made from heavy-duty aluminum that won’t corrode, but will withstand virtually any weather conditions.

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The system is built around the patented K-Guard high-strength hangers. These hangers are made from all-weather polymers set every 24 inches inside the gutter. They fully support the hood and keep the gutter from sagging or losing its form. K-Guard gutters are a full 5 inches wide, allowing the system to drain more water than other, smaller systems. They accommodate the larger 3 x 4-inch downspouts to efficiently flush out any small debris that might make its way into the system.

The variety of colors available adds beauty and function to your home. Professional installation can be completed in one day for most homes. Enjoy your home the way it was meant to be enjoyed – leaf-free, clog-free, and risk-free!

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