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JAG Lifting Solutions

JAG Lifting Solutions
Columbia Station OH
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Company Description:

With over 25 years of experience in the construction industry specializing in polyurethane foam technology, JAG Lifting Solutions lifts and levels sunken concrete for residential and commercial property owners.

Although we can lift and level almost any concrete surface, JAG Lifting Solutions specializes in :
• Garage Aprons
• Driveways
• Stairs
• Porches & Patios
• Sidewalks

We also offer a variety of solutions for concrete repairs and restoration surfaces for worn and weathered concrete.

At JAG Lifting Solutions, we take great pride our work and will treat your property as if it were our own. Reach out today for a free estimate.

Show Specials:

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Product Images:

GARAGE APRONS<br />Tired of that "bump" into your garage?  We fix sunken concrete garage aprons.
PORCHES/PATIOS<br />Has your front porch sunk and pulled away from the house?  We lift and level sunken concrete porches and patios.
STEPS<br />One of the most common causes of falls at homes are due to uneven steps. The process of lifting your sunken concrete steps is quick and less expensive than you make think.
DRIVEWAYS<br />Concrete driveway panels sink and pull away from one another over time. We can raise and level your uneven concrete driveway within a couple of hours.
SIDEWALKS<br />Quit tripping over your sunken sidewalk, call us today for a free estimate on that tripping hazard. We fix unlevel sidewalks.


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