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Locally owned and operated out of Geauga County. It is the mission of Dragon's Head Forge to create unique and beautiful works of art that will last for generations, as well as to aid in the continuation of a time honored craft through lessons and general education. Our products are made from quality American steel. You will find items for use throughout your household and lifestyle, including home decor, heavy duty garden hooks, camping cookware, bottle openers, and even jewelry.

Are you looking for something special, but you just can't find it in the stores?

We have the ability to create custom designs to suit your needs. Please stop by and pay us a visit in the Marketplace section - Booth 1535.

Vincent Krava - Blacksmith and Farrier Vincent first began his journey into the art of Blacksmithing through his apprenticeship as a Farrier over twenty-five years ago. The first thing he learned as an apprentice was how to make horseshoes. Over time he began experimenting to create various projects, mostly as gifts for friends and family. In 2009 Dragon's Head Forge debuted as a vendor/demonstration act at The Great Lakes Medieval Faire, complete with a coal forge and plenty of stories to entertain spectators. In 2010, the Great Geauga County Fair was added to the annual itinerary, and The Ohio Renaissance Festival was later added in 2012. Vincent creates a wide variety of items, specializing in custom designs for clients. He has become known for his creative ideas and eye for the unusual. Vincent prefers projects with an organic feel and also aspires to create things often associated with fantasy. His works have been described as beautiful, strange, and even wicked. Custom pieces are always made to meet the client's specifications but Vincent insists on some artistic license, specifically for specialty weapons and other unusual projects. Vincent is a member of the Western Reserve Artist Blacksmith Association.

Have you seen Forged in Fire? Possibly the most frequently asked question at every event in recent years. While we wont ask you to make a blade in three hours, we can offer you the full experience of working with a forge, hammer and tongues in hand, to get a feel for what it's like to shape and move metal! Our lessons are a full days work and generally last about six to eight hours. Discounts are available for parties of two or three.

2019 Event Schedule:

Celtic Fest Ohio 10542 E State Route 73, Waynesville, OH 45068 June 14th through to June 16th, 2019 http://celticfestohio.com

The Great Lakes Medieval Faire and Marketplace 3033 State Route 534, Rock Creek, Ohio, 44084 Weekends July 13th through to August 18th, 2019 http://medievalfaire.com/index.htm

The Great Geauga County Fair Burton Fairgrounds, Burton, Ohio August 29th - September 2nd, 2019 http://geaugafair.com

The Ohio Renaissance Festival 10542 E State Route 73, Waynesville, OH 45068 Weekends August 31st through October 27th, 2019 http://renfestival.com

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